A Heart Trace through the Digital World
By Haitao Tang

A Husband’s Beautiful and Moving Tribute to His Wife, Her Strength and Her Battle with Cancer

Haitao Tang’s A Heart Trace through the Digital World is a beautifully written and inspiring account of his experience and the resolution of his wife’s battle with cancer. 

This deeply moving narration chronicles his experiences, his fears and his sorrow while he and his wife worked, lived and loved through her illness.             

Tang and his wife were scientists who worked side by side for most of their lives together.  Blindsided by the news of her cancer, the two learned to accept the illness with faith, hope and strength.  As the days passed, they began to realize the importance of living each day to the fullest.  Both discovered the power of positive thinking, the effect of actively fighting a terminal illness and the huge value of treasuring life until its last moment.   

In this impersonal, digital world we have created, Tang’s message shines as a living example of how we all must reconnect in a human way to not only give voice to those who suffer from chronic or terminal illnesses but to recognize them as a valued and respected members of society.    

Tang’s poignant and intelligent narration is an inspiration to others who may be going through the physical and emotional pain of a terminal illness.  His testament will encourage you to recognize the humanness in all of us and our responsibility to respect our differences and embrace our common bond—we are mortals in a changing world.  Through sharing our experiences we become immortal as we touch another life.


About the Author

Haitao Tang is a scientist and engineer living in Helsinki, Finland.  A Heart Trace through the Digital World is his first book.


Hard Cover - 6x9 - 288 pages - $28.50

 ISBN: 978-1-60693-759-4

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