Armageddon: The Battle of Darkening Skies
By Terry Tibke

Now at the end of all things, the Knights of the Hawk must defend their homeland after the Battle of Darkening Skies erupts. 

Compelling and exhilarating, Armageddon: The Battle of Darkening Skies begins the absorbing account of the world of Armageddon. Said to lie close to the Heavens, the far-off planet of Caball is a fascinating fusion of fantasy with a hint of steam technology. Caball is in an age of swords and armor, castles and kings and, regrettably, an age of war. 

After centuries of hibernation, the evil Chromaback dragons arise, conquering a vast part of the world with the backing of three great lords of sorcery. In response, the Shiningscale dragons awake, ally themselves with the last remnants of good, and brace themselves to defend all that is right. 

In the beginning of an epic battle of good versus evil, Turim Gliderlance, the valiant Knight of the Hawk and half-elf, is sent to the island of Ys, and uncovers a terrible danger. His purpose, and that of his new companions, is to return home to warn the Knights of the Hawk before the Battle of Darkening Skies erupts. Will they arrive in time to warn the knights before the Battle is upon them and before the capital city of Turim’s homeland is overrun? 

Striving against incredible odds, the heroes will be tested beyond belief in their unforgettable quest to defeat the extraordinary dangers awaiting their every turn.


About the Author

Terry Tibke lives in Chandler, Arizona with his wife, Sophany, and their two “rather adorable” children, Kiyra, 6, and Torren, 3. He has been illustrating and building the world of Armageddon for the last 20 years – since he was 11 years old. Terry has begun the second Armageddon book in the series, Armageddon: the White Steel Peaks.  



Hard Cover - 6x9 - 524 pages - $34.50

 ISBN: 978-1-60693-731-0

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