Courage to Win
By Steven Sutherland


Meet the Author

Steven Sutherland is in the paper industry and owns his own Internet business based out of his home in Palatine, Illinois. His inspiration for his writing comes mostly from his family, including his first published work, Still He Walks, about his grandfather. His admiration for his son’s accomplishments in both baseball and the rest of his life prompted the story of Courage to Win. Sutherland is also working on a book inspired by his grandfather and another about his daughter, Hannah.


Success in Baseball Helps Player Achieve in Many Other Areas of His Life

Through baseball, Andrew develops a mental toughness and committed heart that will not allow him to quit. His strength, passion, and dedication give him the courage to win.

In Courage to Win, author Steven Sutherland shares lessons he has learned from his baseball-playing son, a quiet boy with remarkable inner depth. Son Andrew has found a home in baseball. You will be captivated as the author describes Andrew’s moving philosophy: “Sometimes in life you happen upon the perfect fit, and you feel like you can achieve anything.” For Andrew, a second baseman, that “fit” means getting his glove down in the dirt, snapping up ground balls, and throwing the batter out at first. You will be touched as the author describes Andrew’s second family, a group of teammates who accept each other and cheer each other on. Courage to Win is a riveting and inspiring story of America’s favorite pastime and the people who love it. It teaches us not to judge a humble boy by his exterior cover but, instead, to look to his gifts, his heart, and his “courage to win.”


Soft Cover - 6x9 - 94 pages - $9.99

ISBN: 978-1-60860-804-1
ISBN / SKU: 1-60860-804-2


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