Fight, Flight, Freeze
By Gilmore Crosby

“This is a good workbook that will help you create what you want in your relationships; it is worth reading.”

 —Peter Block, Author of Flawless Consulting and Community: The Structure of Belonging

“Fascinating, well-written, provocative and, most important, useful. If you are in a relationship at home or at work and you think it could be improved, read Fight, Flight, Freeze.”

 —John Scherer, Author of Work and the Human Spirit

“I can say one thing with absolute certainty. The models and ideas in this book have made a transformational difference in the lives of countless individuals, leaders, teams, organizations, and primary relationships. Gilmore has done us a great favor by pulling the core models together in an inviting, engaging, practical book. It is an easy read, but a word of caution. Apply the ideas and models only if you are prepared to enhance your relationships and learn about yourself.”

 —Ron Short, Author of A Special Kind of Leadership: The Key to Learning Organizations

“As Gil’s father, I admit I am biased, but I must say that this is a great and practical book. Gil has crafted a self-development approach uniquely his own, respectfully weaving diverse disciplines and thinkers into a unifi ed and understandable whole.”

 —Robert P. Crosby, Author of Walking the Empowerment Tightrope and The Authentic Leader

About the Author:

GILMORE CROSBY, MSW, began his Organizational and Leadership Development career in 1984, following enthusiastically in his father’s footsteps. Gilmore, his wife, and his two teenage sons, live in Newark, Delaware. Mr. Crosby has been the President of his own consultancy since 1999, and has held Organizational Development and Change Management positions with Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station and EDS. He has published numerous articles, and has served as adjunct faculty to Martin University (Indianapolis, IN) and The Leadership Institute of Seattle. He spends about 50% of his time working internationally, and is widely respected for his impactful interventions, whether coaching with individuals or working on large scale systems change.


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