Into Africa: A Vision of Hope and a Sanctuary Born
By Janet Morris-Evans

Offering a helping hand to refugees returning to Liberia from Ghana became a mission of sanctuary for author Janet Morris-Evans of Liverpool, England. 

Morris-Evans became embroiled in African politics when she saw the dire need of West African refugees. Among those helped by her efforts were many orphans, including her adopted son Delano. Morris-Evans teamed up with Liberian humanitarian worker John Gray to negotiate with the Liberian government. Their efforts produced the Liverpool Sanctuary-Liberia, where she is executive director. The sanctuary includes eight acres of prime farming land, apartments, space for a medical center and a school. 

The author acknowledges she received death threats in her quest, but she carried on, enlisting the aid of ambassadors and even an English nobleman. She did it all with a lot of faith and very little means. Her inspirational story is one of hope and determination, proving that one person can make a difference and that anything is possible. 

Morris-Evans feels her success with the Liberian government – which has refused assistance for other organizations – came about because of her great love for the Liberian people. “I always felt that there had to be so much more that I could and should be doing,” she says, noting that these exiles “have lost everything, their families, their possessions and their land.”


About the Author

Janet Morris-Evans is a lay minister residing in Liverpool, about five minutes from “Penny Lane,” immortalized in song by The Beatles. She wrote this book because of “the plight of such lovely people who were struggling to maintain even a modicum of basic human necessities.” Proceeds will benefit a relief fund linked to Humanitarian Liverpool Liberia






Soft Cover - 6x9 - 80 pages - $9.95

 ISBN: 978-1-60693-630-6

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