It's Not Easy To Be A Love Goddess
By Cheleste

What if an ancient love goddess was reborn today? Is America ready for her?

In the novel It’s Not Easy To Be A Love Goddess, Shawna remembers her erotic past. Aided by her sexy guardian angel, she explores the modern world, falling in love with every man she meets and giving each a mystical gift. But many question Shawna’s lifestyle, including her daughter, Angela, and her best friend, Barry. How can Barry justify the clash of her radical “sacred sexuality” with his fundamental religious beliefs?

Meanwhile, as the book illuminates the state of sexual awareness in today’s culture, Shawna’s grandchildren are more than willing to put her beliefs into practice.


About the Author

Cheleste, who has been writing for 37 years, was inspired to write this novel by her concept of the divine goddess, whose overt sexuality is integral to the nurturing she gives others. Cheleste hopes her book will challenge readers to look at the unconscious shame and repression still present in our “liberated” society. She believes that her character, Shawna, embodies the best of eternal youth combined with the wisdom of age. The author’s accomplishments include six children, a mud house she built with her own hands and a belief that world peace is our destiny.


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 ISBN: 978-1-60693-296-4
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