Lies, In a Season of Tribulation
By Launa McNeilly

A young woman’s life becomes entangled in the world of organized crime and a deadly play for power in Launa McNeilly’s smashing debut novel that promises to be a contender with the best-selling thrillers at your local bookstore. 

The excitement begins when the life of unassuming, innocent Sara Bickford  is violently ripped away by the obsessed and deadly hands of a cartel boss’ son, Trent Barkley, who believes she is the daughter of a woman he raped seventeen years ago—in effect, his daughter.  

But the ride doesn’t stop there. McNeilly continues the adrenaline rush with greedy mobsters vying for power, Trent’s stepchildren plotting their own schemes and a team of FBI agents working feverishly around the clock to save Sara and capture the cartel members. It is complete with the ultimate coup de grace, and skillfully executed with a psychological twist rather than the predictable physical brutality. 

This is a sensational novel for anyone who loves psychological thrillers and crime novels. The story is engaging, the plot is sizzling and the characters are wonderfully written. A great read, you will not be disappointed with this novel. 


About the Author

Author Launa McNeilly enjoys the writings of Stephen King, Anne Rice and Jackie Collins. Her next book, A Spirit’s Touch, is forthcoming. She and her husband, Marc, have nine children and live with their two youngest daughters, Maggie and Ashley, in Owl’s Head, Maine.



Hard Cover - 6x9 - 298 pages - $28.50

 ISBN: 978-1-60860-612-2

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