Off to Visit the Prophet Elijah
By William Dunigan

For a team of rabidly inquisitive scientists, reading about God is just not enough. They need to learn more and know just who to ask – the Prophet Elijah. The problem is, the famous biblical prophet lived 2,900 years ago. The solution - why a time machine of course! 

Travel back to biblical times with an adventurous group of scientists, accompanied by a sleepy bible historian who has his own secrets (now if he could just remember them). Off to Visit the Prophet Elijah takes readers on the adventure of a lifetime, side by side with this motley crew of time traveling explorers as they try to track down the elusive bible prophet Elijah. All the imaginative excitement of a time travel tale meets the mystical stories of the bible in this unpredictable page turner.

About the Author

Author William Dunigan is an ordained minister whose interest in Bible studies and science fiction was the basis for this and his previous book, Reviving the Dead Church by Reminiscing the Day of Pentecost. He lived most of his life in Cincinnati, Ohio, before joining the navy, where he spent 18 months in hazardous combat. William currently lives in Rentz, Georgia, where he enjoys morning walks with his dog, Midnight.





Hard Cover - 6x9 - 268 pages - $26.75

 ISBN: 978-1-60860-784-6
ISBN / SKU: 1-60860-784-4

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