Soul Resurrection
By Jane Wingfield

Soul Resurrection is the much-anticipated sequel to author Jane Wingfield’s Soulmate

Curtis is an 11-year old boy with psychic abilities. 

Adopted after the murder of his father by a well-to-do London psychiatrist, Paul Williams, Curtis was always a quiet child, but when he begins having trouble in school, Paul tries to understand what the problem could be.  Paul attempts to reach the boy, but Curtis remains aloof and stubborn, insisting that he is communicating with his dead father.  Although worried, Paul views Curtis’ anger as an attempt for attention and affection. 

But when a stranger knocks on the Williams’ door one day, Paul comes face to face with Glen Munro, Curtis’ deceased father.  Did Curtis raise his father from the dead?   

Glen leaves the Williams’ home and begins a new life—eleven years after his death. 

Life begins to spiral out of control for Paul after Glen’s appearance.  Paul is accused and arrested for the murder of two men—the two men that Glen Munro vengefully kills after his “resurrection.”  Associates of the two are hell-bent on making someone pay and the Williams family, Curtis and Glen are in mortal danger. A kidnapping occurs, a ransom is demanded, and the result is another death. Who will die and who will survive?           

Wingfield writes an edge-of-your-seat murder mystery, combining the supernatural with human emotion about life, death, and deeds left undone. With superb plot twists and a thrilling ending, you won’t stop reading until the final page is turned.

About the Author

Jane Wingfield is a writer and teacher’s assistant. Mrs. Wingfield is currently writing the third book of her trilogy. She lives in Birmingham, England.






Hard Cover - 6x9 - 296 pages - $28.50

 ISBN: 978-1-60860-080-9
ISBN /SKU: 1-60860-080-7

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