The Practitioner
By Richard E. Regener

In the first book of his two-volume series The Practitioner, Richard Regener discusses life, death and the paranormal, and their importance in real world applications. 

Beyond our physical manifestation, Regener states that we are living energy. “Our lives are connected to what is referred to as ‘the paranormal’ by that which occurs during and after death. The state of an individual’s mindset in this moment between life and death is paramount. It is the reason that some of the previously living remain attached to this world as ghosts.” 

The book discusses genuine ghost intruders, angels, demons and other paranormal entities, and how they are differentiated from the fictional concepts of faith-based ideologies. 

The Practitioner: Life, Death and the Paranormal describes the main forms of possession in paranormal communication, including its limitations; the facts and the uncertainties about reincarnation; how modern beliefs evolved from realities of our ancient past; and the techniques and methodologies needed to examine paranormal events. 

Controversial topics are also touched upon, including legalizing euthanasia and termination of life in any form.


About the Author

Richard Regener was born in Germany and immigrated to Canada when he was 5 years old.  After a varied career, he is now retired and lives in Ontario, Canada.





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