108th Street

David is petulant, angelic, greedy, noble, conniving, trustworthy, heroic and charitable. He’s all of these things, he’s all of ten years old, and he behaves just like most of us did at that same age. Living in New York City in 1958, he’s in the middle of the Baby Boomer generation in the heart of the largest city in the country, and all he wants to do is stand out, to find something he can claim as his alone. The exuberance of childhood swirls around him as he plots a course for triumph that leads him straight to calamity.

In this warm and funny portrayal of life in a simpler time the author creates a vivid story line about one boy’s quest to be the best. Even though young David Lee hasn’t a clue about how to manage it, he’s determined to be declared the smartest boy in school. The lengths to which he goes, and the depths to which he falls in pursuit of his goal frame an intimate tale set against the backdrop of life in the 1950s in the greatest city in the world.

About the Author

T. David Lee is a born and raised New Yorker now living in Plano, TX. Having grown up as part of the Rock and Roll, Make Love not War generation, he loves to expound on his childhood at any given opportunity. As a result he is rarely invited to large social gatherings and has resorted to writing to indulge his affection for the times and places he recalls most fondly.