A Bag of Gold

Former range detective Savage is called out of retirement to deliver a bag of gold as a reward for the capture of a cold-blooded killer. But the killer’s brother is a lawman who throws roadblocks across Savage’s trail. Savage is determined to do his job, and the lawman is hell bent to keep him from it. Savage fights his way out of some bloody showdowns, but still finds time to rekindle the flame of an old romance in this gripping Western drama set in 1883 Kansas.

A Bag of Gold is the story of two strong men dedicated to doing the right thing, and the strength of character to get it done. It’s also a test of wills and of the grit necessary to make the right choice in the face of fierce opposition.

About the Author

The son of a Presbyterian minister, author David Estes grew up in the cotton fields of Oklahoma and Texas. The 86-year-old served with the Marines in the South Pacific during World War II, and earned a BA degree from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. He left his big city job in radio, TV and advertising in Kansas City to move back to the farm where his wife was born near Springfield. Estes and his wife, Maxine, have three daughters, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren spread across the country. “The kids believe that Christmas doesn’t happen anyplace except at Grandma’s” and spend that week at the farm.