A Confounded Nuisance By Dell Craig

Post-War Australia is Viewed Through a Child’s Eyes in Insightful New Autobiography
In the 1940s, the consequences of the Second World War come marching up to the doorstep of a young Australian girl in the small country town of Roma, in western Queensland, in the engaging autobiography, A Confounded Nuisance.

From strange refugees to thunderous American convoys, the town Roma and young Dell Colley will never be the same.  Dell’s life undergoes more changes when her family moves to the bustling coastal town of Bundaberg.  Magical and conflicting turns of events usher in an emerging personality as she grows into a young woman set on her goals.  But as she fixes her sights on new experiences, external actions influence her natural instincts and a determined parent seeks to hold her with the bonds of tradition.

A touching and often humourous autobiography, A Confounded Nuisance sets a charming coming-of-age tale into a unique moment of history.  The insights it offers are both personal and profound.