After A While You Wonder

The year is 1997, and five former L.A. police officers reunite for lunch. They reminisce about their assignments at 77th Street Division. They talk of racism, riots and their lives on LAPD’s strong blue line of silence during the 1960s. Two months before the 1965 Watts Riot, one of the men corroborated the testimony of a white officer who accused the LAPD of being racist.

With the conviction of O.J. Simpson a few days before in the civil suit for the wrongful death of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, they realize the racial volatility of their beloved City of Angels may still be prevalent, even after three decades of deep social upheaval and change.

About the Author

N.E. Edelen has been writing professionally since 1966, when he wrote educational films on black history. He was a writer for “Serendipity,” an Emmy Award-winning children’s Saturday TV series, and other television programs. Edelen grew up in Indianapolis, where he attended segregated public schools. He currently lives in Southern California. After A While You Wonder is Edelen’s first novel and the final book in a trilogy.  He is now writing the first book in the series.