A Kinetic Person’s Power

Kenneth Adrian Ellis has a kinetic ability that is stimulated by light and sound.  He describes his documented four-part gift in A Kinetic Person’s Power.

Kinesis is when there is motion of an organism because of a stimulant like light.  To be Kinetic is to have the ability to harness the power of kinesis within one’s self.

Like Telekinetics, Psychokinetics and those with Extra Sensory Perception, Kinetics have a supernatural ability.  This talent allows Ellis to release tension from his body by voice command.

Says Ellis, “I believe my ability is a gift from The Heavenly Father. Although the gift is quite extraordinary, and ‘out of this world,’ my discovery of it has made me happier, and each time I experience it I realize that I have been shown pious charity.”

Explore the power of kinesis and find out if you too may possess this rare ability!

About the Author

Kenneth Adrian Ellis lives near Kennesaw, Georgia. He holds a Certificate of Copyright from the Library of Congress for video footage in which he performs his special power.  A Kinetic Person’s Power is his first book.