A Laying On of Hands

Falconetti, a young management consultant living in Barcelona, stumbles upon a 500 year old letter one day. A simple farmer had written the letter in 1538, detailing his plight as an innocent man accused of murder and sentenced to death. With the aid of his good-humored friend, Arturo, and many hours on the Internet, Falconetti gradually manages to fill in the missing pieces of the farmer’s story.

As he digs for the truth, he discovers the involvement of well know figures of the time, including Sir Richard Rich and Sir Thomas Cromwell. Falconetti’s research also leads to the intriguing possibility that Henry VIII might have had another son apart from the sickly Edward and the bastard Duke of Richmond. As Falconetti uncovers this poignant story, he also discovers many inner truths that will change his life forever.

About the Author

Born in Herefordshire in 1954, the author developed a love of language at an early age. He loved history but was not very good at it. Having failed to gain employment as a qualified conference interpreter, he entered the world of advertising where he traveled the world due to his linguistic skills. He lived in Spain for 18 years before moving to South America in 1996. Since then, he has lived in Sâo Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The author now lives in Mexico City. He has a wife and two daughters who all live and work or study in England.