Alone in the Storm

Lorna has a big weight problem and a dead-end job she hates.  Alone in her UK home, she tells herself she is happy with her life, but deep down she knows the truth. Finding the courage to finally be honest with herself, she quits her job and makes plans to visit a good friend in America for a holiday. Once in the exhilarating, but soon to be hurricane-ravaged city of New Orleans, she finds herself immediately attracted to her friend, whom she hadn’t seen in years.  Of course, he already has a girlfriend who looks like a supermodel, so she knows she doesn’t stand a chance with him.

Witnessing the rebuilding of the once grand city after Hurricane Katrina, Lorna realizes that the time has come to shed the weight she put on to protect herself from being hurt by love.  Now she has to learn the hardest lesson of all: that in order to find love, you have to first love yourself.

About the Author

Author Carla Cunningham is a lifelong resident of Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.  She was inspired to write this story after learning of the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans and out of her own life experiences.  Alone in the Storm is her first novel, while her second is about a lovesick American woman who inherits a haunted Victorian mansion in the UK, is soon to be published.