Ana Markovic – David Murdoch

Emerging from an alcohol-poisoned sleep that should have left her dead on the streets of Toronto, Ana Markovic slowly began to remember the dream that came to her while she was unconscious.

Ana hadn’t always been homeless.  Once, she had a home and a family.  And then there was war and all that she knew burnt to the ground.  Ana came to Canada with her husband as a refugee of the former Yugoslavia and fell into a depression that led her into a self-destructive, alcoholic spiral.  Eventually, she abandoned her husband and young child to live on the streets in a perpetual state of self-hate.

But God was not about to let Ana fall to eternal perdition without a fight.  While she lay passed out, St. Michael the Archangel, appeared before Ana to offer her a final chance to redeem her soul and accept her worth in the eyes of God.

This story lays bare the struggle for salvation as it travels through the shattered life of one lost soul and beyond to the Garden of Eden, to the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the redemption God’s love offers every human being.

About the Author

Author David Murdoch was born in Toronto, Canada and graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston.  David converted to Catholicism after having been raised as a Protestant.  Ana Markovic was written as a means of sharing the gifts God has given him, and doing something with God’s grace.