Anthony Meets the Playground Bully

Anthony Meets The Playground Bully promises to entertain children through a relevant story, accompanied by colorful illustrations, that teaches valuable life-long lessons.

The bullying that our young people face every day – in their schools, on their playgrounds and even in their homes – leads to a host of social and personal maladies. Author Kevin Bailey wrote Anthony Meets The Playground Bully to aid in the elimination of bullying in all of its forms.

Anthony is a young boy who is faced with one of children’s biggest fears: the playground bully. Today, Anthony must rescue his best pal Ryan from the clutches of said tyrant. One major problem…the bully is much larger than both he and Ryan and Anthony realizes that he must use his brain, not his fists, to be successful.

Take an interesting journey with Anthony and his pals to see just how cleverly our hero sets about his rescue. For every parent or child that has ever had to deal with a bully, this is a must-read. The author’s intent, however, is that this not be just the standard David and Goliath story. He accomplishes this by sharing with his readers insight on what may cause an individual to bully in the first place, thereby giving understanding to the bully in his story.

Though very entertaining, the narrative delivers an important lesson that Anthony has learned on the lap of his grandfather. Author’s suggestion: read it with a friend, or many friends.
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Anthony Meets the Playground Bully

About the Author

Kevin Bailey is a life-long resident of Long Island, NY. He is the proud father of five sons. Kevin has combined many of the experiences of his youth and those of his boys, and their many friends, to bring his character of Anthony to life. Kevin has chosen Anthony Meets the Playground Bully to be the debut book of his multi-book Anthony™ series. Keep your eyes open for the next adventure in the Anthony™ series.