A Passionate Death

David Hawthorne is a naive young man who was raised by an evil Catholic preacher and betrayed by a treacherous woman. After being released from a mental hospital for killing his girlfriend, Rachel, he meets another woman, sleeps with her, and kills her. Enjoying the murder, he starts a killing spree. Unaware of his nefarious nature, Melanie, David’s long-time lawyer friend begins a romantic relationship with him. Along with David, Detective Harold Thompson suspects George Wycliffe as the serial killer after he confesses to one of the murders. As the cat and mouse game between them ensues, Thompson learns that he has much in common with David, including an obsession with Melanie.

As David struggles to keep his two lives separate and tries to put his past behind him, an old friend of Rachel’s shows up and reveals David’s dark secrets and the true identity of his father. Is David a victim of circumstance or is he a cold-blooded serial killer? Pursue him and watch this treacherous maze of murder, lies, love and suspense intensify.

About the Author

Deepak Gupta lives in Connecticut and has been writing for over fifteen years. He has been a huge fan of the suspense/serial killer genre since childhood. A Passionate Death is his debut novel.