Ascension: Rise of the Fallen

Virgil, a fallen soul sent to walk amongst man, must battle a host of deadly foes. From the lowlife criminals of the under city, a smog choked pit isolated from the more civilized parts of Desolo Angelus, to the deepest circle of Hell, he finds himself drawn into an ancient war that has cast a shadow over his entire existence. Now faced with the most terrifying foes in biblical history, he must not only fight the horrifying Nephilim, but must also battle the sins of his past to assume the title of Godsend. Daunting as his task may seem, he is aided by Raphael, one of the oldest and wisest beings to descend from the heavens, Zophiel, a lesser angel, one with a blistering attitude, and Legion, a horrifying creature sent from the pits of Hell, as well as many other members of the celestial host. But not all is as it seems, and soon Virgil finds friend and foe to be objective terms, as his nemesis becomes his greatest ally, so does his employer, become one of his greatest foes. After fighting Gabriel on the very top of Satan’s head in Hell to assume his rightful role in the Oraculum, Virgil finds himself returned to earth, where the Nephilim have already risen and laid waste to the world, destroying most of the things Virgil held dear. He must fight through the riddles of an over educated spider, the ruins of a decimated civilization, and the deceptions of the firstborn to meet his enemy in combat, and return the world to its rightful place, or perish at the hands of Dante, the embodiment of the apocalypse.
About the Author

Martin Osbourne grew up in Barriere, British Columbia and currently lives with his girlfriend in the neighboring city of Kamloops. He was born in Calgary Alberta, Canada and has a love for martial arts and video games.