Ballad of a Bagpiper

Ballad of a Bagpiper is a humorous read for all ages.

Not all events turn out as elegantly as planned. And bagpiper and author Edward Channon knows this. Playing his bagpipes for events and special occasions, he has a collection of funny stories to tell, and below is just a taste…

At the rehearsal dinner, Edward sat next to who he thought was a bridesmaid, but she turned out to be the daughter of the groom. She was a very funny girl, only 19 years old, but she couldn’t stop talking to him, asking questions about the bagpipes, his kilt, what he wore under the kilt, if he was married — and boy could she talk.

Then the daughter explained that no one in the family liked the bride, who was marrying their dad and, for years, everyone had tried to break them apart by playing pranks and jokes to see if they could get her out. They changed her hair color dye and deflated her tires. The bride, only five feet away, heard the daughter talking about her and all hell broke loose. The two began yelling at each other and soon the whole family was involved. Food was flying and then a friend of the bride hit the daughter with a loaf of French bread.

The police arrived to escort the couple away. What a way to have a honeymoon…in jail.

This is just a taste of the entertaining and amusing fare author and musician Edward Channon serves up, after having experienced and observed it all playing his bagpipes at events around the world.

About the Author

Edward Channon has been playing the bagpipes for over 35 years at weddings, parties, funeral, military function and a myriad of other gatherings. He wrote this book, Ballad of a Bagpiper, to share the funny stories and things he observed while at these events.