Bethany’s Crossing

Set in rural New Mexico, Bethany’s Crossing follows intelligent, logical, teenaged Bethany Forrester and her Native American friend, Sage, as they seek the identity of a mysterious fragment of bone found after a train accident. While Bethany approaches the artifact from a scientific position, Sage urges a more spiritual approach including a prayer ceremony and spirit walk with her Pueblo grandfather who, unbeknownst to the girls, is a strong Christian.

Bethany’s conflict revolves around her development as a young Christian woman. She believes her father still sees her as a child, and that God is a formal and distant entity who does not involve himself in daily lives of young people. By the end of the story, however, Bethany learns the depth of the love both her earthly and Heavenly Fathers have for her.

About the Author

T. L. Boehm is the married mother of a preteen boy and a teenaged boy. An accountant by day and closet novelist by night, she enjoys the process of fleshing out characters, dialogue and plot lines. She has lived in rural New Mexico more than half of her life and this, her first completed novel, is infused with southwestern culture.
T.L. is also an avid blogger and poet. She has completed a collection of devotional vignettes entitled Second Normal and is a contributing author to a new e-zine, Nocturne, which features previously unpublished authors.