Beth: Love Along the Way

Beth’s marriages have been a disaster, although she got two lovely children from them. But will she be able to find her life’s happiness?

Beth’s first husband David, after two years of marriage and fathering a daughter, cheated on her…whenever he could manage it or whenever the opportunity arose. Beth’s second husband, Dan, habitually lied about insignificant things and spent their money like a drunken sailor. He couldn’t hold a job, but he is the father of Beth’s second child.

Born into poverty in the mid 1940s to a large dysfunctional tenant farming family, Beth has to overcome her birthright, two disastrous marriages and divorces, and must support her two daughters…all by herself. Blessed with natural fashion and marketing talents, her journey is both a gut wrenching and successful life’s trip.

About the Author

B.G. Sanford resides in Longview, Texas. She just recently retired from a floral and gift shop she owned and worked at for 32 years. B.G. is inspired by her two beautiful daughters.