Black Gold Death In The Sun

A high-powered Middle-Eastern executive falls prey to German terrorists and is kidnapped. A huge ransom is demanded but, the kidnappers don’t know the true stakes of the game they have dealt themselves into.

The victim is part of an extraordinary plan to extort billions from the oil-rich governments of the Middle East.

Hundreds of bombs, carefully placed during the construction boom of the 70s and 80s lie quietly secreted in the streets and buildings of eight Arab nations, for now.

In four days, a bomb will detonate unless the one man who holds the code to disarm the bomb is found, the kidnapped man. The rescue mission becomes a desperate race against the clock … the stakes, systematic destruction of Middle Eastern cities and death for tens of thousands.

BLACK GOLD Death in the Sun is a tightly strung web of deceit and treachery that will hold you captive, until the time is up…

About The Author

C.E. Osbourne grew up in Manchester, and spent much of the last 30 years in the construction industry. His expertise in this industry inspired the idea for this book — years of experience in the Middle East gave him the inside knowledge of how the plot could work.

He now lives with his partner, Maeve, in Wales.

A  sequel to Black Gold,  is in the works.

His site is