Calsisko Voume 1: The Beginning of the War

In the year 3075, Earth can barely sustain life. After years of space exploration, Captain/Commander William Samuel Hart and his crew from the International Space Exploration Command onboard the U.S.S. A. Lincoln discover a solar system called Calsisko. The system consists of twelve habitable planets.

Unfortunately, the Redtiska, an evil and highly advanced alien race, rule Calsisko.  The objective of the Redtiska is to conquer the universe and enslave all life forms. They came to Calsisko and defeated the original inhabitants – the Spikecons, Crabpols, and Sqaureplex – in only six weeks.

The Captain/Commander and his crew join forces with the Universal Peace Alliance, comprising of five alien races from systems outside of Calsisko. The goal of the U.P.A. is to defeat the Redtiska. Compromising the efforts of the U.P.A. are human emotions and passions, including a forbidden affair.

About the Author

Twenty-one-year-old author, Brett T. Mazzoni, incorporates detailed alien cultures and advanced technology in his first Science Fiction novel.
The ending to Calsisko Volume I: The Beginning of the War leaves readers eager for the next book of the trilogy.