In 1972, as the Vietnam War was coming to its final stages, the opening salvos of the Navy’s war against drugs began in earnest.

Author Dave Spear writes a riveting novel, Carlson. It is a fictional story that leads the reader through the intrigue of a small group of Navy Chiefs as they set out to destroy a powerful, international drug cartel. The story is set aboard a Guided Missile Cruiser and is created with technically accurate details and operational events associated with the ship.

Master Chief Petty Officer John Keener Long (JK), is a dedicated sailor stationed aboard the USS Carlson, a US Navy Guided Missile Cruiser.  JK’s unwavering loyalty to his post competes with his obligations as Chairman of the Board to his family’s billion dollar corporation in Texas.

When JK and his comrades-in-arms discover evidence of a powerful, international drug cartel, he is forced to relinquish his day-to-day duties as Chairman of the Board over to his wife.  JK declares a personal war against these criminals and he and his shipmates will stop at nothing to protect Carlson from their influence.

Carlson is a tale of right and wrong and JK’s absolute belief is that he must use whatever methods necessary to fight the Cartel on their own level.  His astonishing narration is a testament to the honor, integrity, and dedication of our military’s professional personnel.  Spear’s novel expertly portrays the duty and honor of our country’s armed forces:  willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for God and country.

About the Author

Dave Spear served in the United States Navy as a “Mustang” Naval Officer and is a recently retired executive from a high technology corporation.   Mr. Spear has an MBA in International Business and is currently working on a series of novels based on J.K. Long and his family.  He is an active outdoorsman and sailor and is originally from Texas.  He and his wife, Elgie have two sons and live in San Diego, California.  Carlson is his first novel.