Carry On, Oh My Soul

Morgan Huntley had always considered herself plain – kind of a nerd, certainly conservative. Jeremiah Martin was gorgeous, popular, outgoing and passionate about baseball. How on Earth did the stars of these two polar opposites intertwine? No one can say, but it was a love like legends are made of. When Jeremiah’s dream of a professional baseball career rises, he risks throwing it all away for her, but Morgan sacrifices her own passionate love so he can pursue his dream.

Morgan marries Will Tomlin whose charm and wit fade quickly to reveal a dark abusive past. Will’s demons haunt the relationship and Morgan finds herself the victim of emotional and physical abuse that culminates in a tragic and fatal showdown.

Widowed and alone, Morgan must pick up the remnants of her life. When Jeremiah returns, Morgan wonders if she can ever truly love again.
Amanda Vittitow presents a dramatic portrayal of the light and dark sides of love in Carry On, Oh My Soul.

About the Author
Amanda Vittitow has pursued a passion for writing since she was fourteen. She lives now in Newton, North Carolina, with her husband and two dogs: Shadow and Branson.