Centric Golf

CENTRIC GOLF is a revolutionary golf based on the geometry of a circle. Use one circular swing for all golf shots, regardless where your golf ball lands. The same goes for the sand golf shots. CENTRIC GOLF is a different golf. It teaches you how to swing along the line of a CIRCLE. The Old Golf teaches you different position with every golf club. You have 13 hitting golf clubs, and you must use 13 different positions. CENTRIC GOLF teaches you ONE POSITION, ONE SETUP, ONE SWING for All your golf clubs. CENTRIC GOLF TEACHES YOU HOW TO HIT THE GOLF BALL STRAIGHT. PERIOD.

About the Author
Savo Bojicic has written many articles. This is one of his attempts to write a complete book. He is the inventor of a device called the Think-Tank. This device is a genuine tool that stimulates creativity and original thinking. He is fluent in five languages. Born in Montenegro, formerly part of Yugoslavia, now an Independent State. After the communists took over his native country, he spent time in Italy, France, and Germany. In Germany he worked for the French Occupations Forces. From there he immigrated to Canada. He lives in Toronto with Hanna and a new Bichon Frisé named Romeo. He is an architect, businessman, inventor, designer, builder, construction specialist, and author.