Chasing Dreams in Lefkas

This inspiring and true adventure story is about the author and her husband’s journey to find beauty and meaning on the little known Island of Lefkas. The realistic descriptions of the people and places in the evocatively Greek environment take you right there with them, sharing in this heart-warming venture. The text moves along at a comfortable pace, and the prose is vivid and full of memorable images that contrast the Island’s beauty with their traveling hardships. Follow them on their journey and find out if they found the secret of true happiness, or were they merely chasing dreams?

About the Author

Diane Griffith was born in Scotland but spent her childhood in North Wales, speaking Welsh and English, being of a Welsh mother and an English father. She inherited her late father’s Liverpudlian humor, which always gave her  a positive attitude to life. She lives in Cyprus with her husband and elderly mother. Her son, Jamie, owns a bar in Paphos, where he is a singer/guitarist. Diane has held various occupations, with the last and most rewarding being running a Slimming World Club. Diane wrote many success stories for the local papers, promoting her club. She has also written a romantic novel, It Mattered Yesterday and a book for young children called Granny’s Magic Garden.