Combating Ignorance: Inside and Outside the Classroom

A teacher takes on the challenges of dealing with the everyday woes of the classroom, in this novel written by real-life teacher Scott Barzilla.

Fictional high school teacher Jack Sutherford has taught for ten years. When he first began his career, he was very optimistic. But his optimism and enthusiasm has faded as he faces challenges and has to fight daily battles with administration, counselors, fellow teachers, students and parents.

In Combating Ignorance, Sutherford shares his insights on educational programs and trends, good and bad, he has seen throughout his career. The book provides hope for our educational system and an insightful glimpse into what a teacher’s life is really like.

About the Author

Scott Barzilla is a school counselor in Galveston, Texas. Before he became a counselor, he taught social studies and English, and also coached volleyball. He has worked in education for 12 years. Barzilla is the author of Checks and Imbalances and The State of Baseball Management.