Constant Cravings

Author Mike Dryden comes clean in his revealing story, inspired by his loving family and the desire to help other addicts and alcoholics find their way to recovery. Based on real-life experiences, Dryden’s words carry a painful, haunting message that helps him to recover and move forward from a past that nearly destroyed his life.

Constant Cravings is a story of victory in one man’s struggle with prescription drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling and self-abuse. At the age of 38, Mike Dryden’s life changed forever when he was introduced to narcotic painkillers for migraine headaches. Fifteen years later the cravings still haunt him. Sometimes dead men do tell tales. This true story tells all, revealing the torments of the past and the hope for the future.

About the Author

Mike Dryden was raised in Iowa and resides now in Carroll with his wife, Jackie, and the two youngest of their three daughters. He is currently working on his next book about recovery.