Crazy in Lust

Crazy in Lust… Sometimes you know something is insane; sometimes you just know something is totally wrong, but you do it anyway. That’s the way it was with Andy. I fought the feeling that I was attracted to him, instead attributing it to just concern and friendship but I knew, somehow, that this man would be in my life. I knew, down to my marrow that I wanted this man and lusted after him. I just didn’t know that he would become my great obsession, and that he would change my life.

About the Author:

Marilyn Botta was born in Manhattan and grew up on the lower east side. At the time of this writing, Ms. Botta was residing in New Jersey where her two sons and grandson now live. Although Ms. Botta has been an avid journal writer for many years, this is her first publication. She currently lives in Augusta, GA where she is working on her next venture.