Curse Of The Lost Journal

Author Mark A. Wilson produces yet another adventurous tale that takes the reader on an amazing journey filled with lost treasures, paranormal encounters and a journal’s untold secrets of the past. Wilson’s good guy characters go from regular Joes to Indiana Jones as life in suburbia is traded in for the treasure hunting chance of a lifetime.

When Thomas Mortenson discovers an old, leather bound journal in an abandoned apartment building, he seeks the help of his kindly neighbor, Mr. Wilson, a well-traveled man who recounts an amazing adventure that begins in Southern Russia back in 1938.

Not disclosing the secret to the familiar journal, Mr. Wilson leaves it up to Thomas to decipher the meaning of the mysterious insignia, the real truth behind the journal and a hidden past that reveals much more of Mr. Wilson than Thomas could have ever imagined. As Thomas pieces together the clues to this puzzle, he must decide if he wants to pick up where the journal ends – and let his own adventures begin!

About the Author

Author Mark A. Wilson has enjoyed writing stories for his children for over twenty years. His completed works include The Amazing Gift from the Woods and The Legend of Crawley Creek. When he is not busy writing or storytelling, Mark can be found training diligently for marathons. He and his loving wife, Brenda Kay, have two children and live in Neillsville, Wisconsin.