Danced With the Devil

On a cold, rainy night Bill Wilson makes a fatal mistake. In a fit of rage he accidentally kills a woman. Fearing prison and the agony such a place would heap upon him, he decides to flee. Needing money, he makes another poor decision: he robs a Mob runner to get it.
The words “Say, I know you. You’re Blinky,” spoken by the man being held up, seal his fate. Now he needs to disappear, on the run for keeps, never to return home or live anywhere without fear of being seen.
With his stolen wealth, Bill begins the process of making himself vanish by changing his appearance…not by wearing a disguise but by physically making himself a new person…the person he always thought he should be. As his metamorphosis progresses, he must murder again, several times. But now, there is nothing accidental about it…

About the Author

Ronald Thompson works as a technical writer at a food distribution warehouse. His literary writings have been published in several leading newspapers. He resides in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with his wife.