Days of Terriers

What kind of adventure could three charming Jack Russell Terriers possibly have? When you think you can whip any critter on four legs (more or less), anything is possible! Each pup had his or her own personality but is as loyal to each other as best friends can be. These Jack Russells are ready to rumble with whatever crosses their path. The one thing that can take their minds away from their prey is FOOD! A wonderful story for children.

About the Author

Mary (Lee) Robinson was born in Greenup County, Kentucky. She graduated from Piketon High School in Ohio and received her Nursing Degree at Shawnee Community College in Portsmouth. Mrs. Robinson has been married 53 years and has four children and three grandchildren. Her first and last grandsons, who were brothers, both died at the age of 20, the younger of the two most recently in January, 2008. A lover of the outdoors, she enjoys keeping busy with hobbies such as fishing, sewing, painting, reading, and writing