Forest of Glass: An Excursion into Terror

Someone is killing off camp counselors. A busload of 50 children is due to arrive any minute and there’s no one there to warn them.

Evocative of the scariest horror films, David Parker’s Forest of Glass revs up the action quickly.

As eight counselors prepare for their young campers coming in the morning, two of the counselors disappear in the dead of night. The camp’s director sends out two others to look for the missing couple. But they soon discover the fate of their predecessors and one barely escapes with his life. Left for dead, he tries desperately to warn the others.
Set in 1980, this violent drama will give readers goosebumps.

About the Author

David Parker lives in Minnesota. He was educated at the University of La Crosse in Wisconsin. Parker warns readers that Forest of Glass is not for the faint at heart. He is currently working on a horror trilogy.