Fragments –From Two Lives on Three Continents

Fragments — From Two Lives on Three Continents is an astonishing compilation of travels, joys, sorrows, events, people and places they have experienced.

Most of us only dream of traveling across three continents and seeing life through the customs, cultures and eyes of others. These seasoned writers have done just that; journeying through Australia, Europe and Africa, the reader is given a rare, beautiful and intimate glimpse into the people, events and landscapes that make up these continents.

Experience what transformed the Worthams’ world into one of gratitude, compassion, and understanding. Here is a deeply moving and inspiring narration of what shaped their thinking and, in turn, their place in their community and their world.

Fragments transforms the seemingly ordinary lives of people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds into the extraordinary. It reveals the beauty of life –from the busy cities of Europe to the indigent areas of Africa. This book is a tribute to how human beings everywhere share an intangible link with one another and provides a unique glimpse into places and people that most of us never have the opportunity to experience.

About the Authors

Chris and Anne Wortham are writers and retired teachers. Professor Wortham has published numerous academic works on English literature and is currently writing several books. Mrs. Wortham has written poems, essays and short stories and is currently writing, with her husband, two more books: one focused on parenting and the other a compilation of contemplative themes. The couple are devoted to promoting the arts and delight in nature; they live in Australia.