Gateway to DreamWorld

To Save Their Family, Two Brothers Must Find a Way into Another World in Breathtaking New Fantasy Novel.

On a hot, ordinary day in August, one family’s world is turned upside-down in Gateway to DreamWorld.

On their way home from baseball tryouts, Brad Colby and his two sons are involved in a terrible car accident that leaves six-year-old Pete in a coma.  When Pete awakens, the family is crushed to learn that he is paralyzed.

Meanwhile, Pete’s eight-year-old brother, Jason, has been having powerful dreams that lead him to a mysterious realm known as DreamWorld.  Jason discovers that all of his desires can come true in DreamWorld, but the time is fast approaching when he will have to choose between his two worlds.

And when more devastating news strikes at the heart of the Colby family, Jason and Pete set out on a desperate attempt to find the Gateway to DreamWorld and save their family.  With time running out on their dangerous path, will Jason and Pete’s fear of the Unknown keep them from reaching the paradise of their dreams?

About the Author

Brenda Estacio lives in Atwater, California with her husband.  She is currently working on a science fiction trilogy and a mystery-thriller novel.  Gateway to DreamWorld is her second novel.