Guess What? I Have Diabetes

Cody is a rambunctious five year old. Suddenly he gets sick and is rushed to the emergency room. After numerous tests, he finds out that he has Diabetes I. His life as he knew it before, quickly changes. Cody’s mother, father, and little brother learn to change their lives to deal with this disease. This story tells how everyone in his family is affected by the news of his disease. It also tells how he and his family adapt in a positive way to his life altering disease. It is a realistic, and yet humorous story. This is a must read for anyone associated with a person who has Diabetes I.

About the Author

Lisa is a retired school teacher and currently resides in a small rural mountain town in northern California. She has raised two children who are now living in Montana and Germany. She is a grandmother of three adorable children. Her desire, now that she has the time, is to write books for children. As a child, she loved reading books and now enjoys writing books for others to read.