Hunting with Father

I just finished reading Hunting with Father and enjoyed it very much. It took me back to those years in Ash Fork during the early 1950s hunting with my father. . . .I have wonderful memories of campfires, and roughing it in all kinds of weather. It was the only thing the two of us ever did together when I was growing up.. Whenever I drink coffee diluted with Carnation canned milk, I always think of him. I’m sure Alexander will have many wonderful memories from the things learned while hunting with his dad, too.

Another part I enjoyed was the descriptions of the different areas of the state. I’ve been in all of those places you mentioned either in a pickup or on horseback and the descriptions were excellent.
Thanks for sharing your story with me. I doubt if many youngsters ever get to enjoy such a close personal relationship with their father, especially in today’s busy urban society. Alexander is a lucky guy…and so are you.

Marshall Trimble
Arizona’s Official State Historian

About the Author

Preston Long is an accomplished outdoorsman feeling right at home in the woods. Hunting with Father is his third book; the first two focused on back pain and its many treatments as well as his consulting stories from third party litigation cases that he frequently consults with.