Do you feed yourself negative thoughts or berate yourself for things you’ve done or haven’t done?

Ann Norris ushers in a powerful, spiritual message in her book that contains 150 messages made up of 5,627 words to suit every aspect of your life. Whether you read a daily message in order or “flick and pick,” you will receive the message you’re meant to hear.

Imagine learning a new way to think—to look at your life differently in order to make positive change. Take responsibility for your life and learn, through Ann Norris’ compelling message, how each day is truly a chance of renewal and spiritual growth.

Read what people are saying about Inspirations:

“All my thanks go to Ann and the spirits for such wonderful inspiring words. Everyday I look forward to the fantastic words that have helped me and others so much.”
Chrissie Habbishow, Stanwell Middlesex

“Inspirations has helped me so much through difficult times in my life. Spirit seems to pass words on to Ann in peoples’ times of need. I look forward to reading a message every day as it helps me both in my daily life and on my spiritual path. Thank you Ann, for sharing the words that you receive and for all the love and help you give to so many of us and also I thank Spirit for choosing you, a loving soul Ann, to pass on the messages.”
Tania King, Feltham Middlesex

You’ll want to keep this book handy—at your bedside, coffee table or in your briefcase or bag. Buy a copy for yourself and a loved one and discover how your unconscious (spirit) can guide your internal compass to a joyous life.

About the Author

Ann Norris is a writer, Reiki Master, counselling practioner for BachFlower Remedies, and a student of astrology, tarot, and mediumship/channelling. Ann Norris also works in customer services for a large corporation and hosts an online spiritual site that offers free classes and readings. She has two children, eight step grandchildren and lives in England with her husband.