Just a Man

In the rural town of Priestly lives a not so pompous scholar appropriately nicknamed ‘Lord’ Seaton. Lord soon learns that his scheming grandfather, Morris Seaton, wants a male heir for his fortune and plots a loveless marriage between Lord and his riding instructor Erica Morgan. The plot is working until Erica’s true love, Jeremy Michaels, re-enters her life along with his handicapped daughter, Becca.

Widowed and unaware of her marriage to Lord, Jeremy makes plans to pursue Erica for himself and as someone to guide Becca through the turbulent path of womanhood. Fueled by selfish reasons, Lord surprisingly agrees with Jeremy to help Becca as she has captured Lord’s heart and he is determined to win her love and escape his marriage of convenience. Will Lord’s grandfather, Morris Seaton, allow this conspiracy to succeed or will love be enough to fix all that’s broken? The town of Priestly welcomes you to find the answers…

About the Author

Author Paula Anne has been writing for many years; expressing herself with the use of the pen and computer keys, she compares writing to music. She believes writing is not writing without creating a picture from a natural blend of words that become music to the reader and the listener. She plans on continuing to write about the Seaton family and enjoys seeing her characters come to life. She currently lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.