Lingering Poets

Within each individual stirs a conflict between passion and logic. Within society however, this struggle ended years ago, and the reign of logic began. Despite this age of informed decisions and constructive thinking a few remain who let emotions guide their way. Choosing to live against this grain can leave one    feeling without a place in the world. The lingering few who endure, even without a pen in hand, deserve to be called poets.

Samuel, a lonely postal worker recently divorced, has bouts with suicidal impulses. His writings and passions have only brought about pain and disappointment. His last surviving creative outlet is imagining what his deliveries contain and what affect they might have on those receiving them. Things begin to change for Samuel when a seemingly groundless daydream about a shipment of money proves to be more than just a theory. Stealing the missing fortune could prove to be exactly what he needs to escape the monotonous chains that bind him.

When Samuel realizes he can’t accomplish his goal alone he seeks help in The Post Edition; a neighborhood full of prideful hoodlums whose passionate and lawless approach to life is perfect for his situation.

Now it’s Samuel and the Posties versus law enforcement and a slew of criminals but the cost for Samuel’s freedom could prove too great for everyone involved.