Lunar Redemption

Earth’s political powers are ensnared in a spiralling descent towards destruction. It is an unavoidable ‘Catch 22’ dilemma. The world is environmentally exhausted, and time has run out for mankind.

Humanity’s only hope is to establish a viable colony on the moon. It must encompass an environment of miniature ecosystems, which are totally removed from the devastation that has become Earth’s inescapable future.

The success of the Lunar Colony angers many power brokers on earth. Resentment, jealousy, and fear become the key motivators that ultimately threaten the survival of the colony.
Simon and his heroic team, stand alone in the harsh vacuum of space. Their mission is to defend the Lunar Colony against those who conspire to destroy it…at any cost!

About the Author

Born in 1963, I am an Australian and a family man. I have read Sci-fi since the age of 13 and had never thought past the enjoyment I get from reading until I awoke one morning just a few years ago, and felt compelled to write this story. To my surprise, I found that the story was waiting within me and simply fell out as fast as my fingers could type.

I found that I love to write, but my desired goal is to give enjoyment to those who read my stories.