Murder of an American Nazi

Ex-homicide detective Don Hayes is haunted by his one unsolved case, the murder of ex-Nazi/CIA operative Walter Dornberger. Dornberger’s corpse disappears before Hayes can begin the investigation, but the tough cop won’t let go, even after he leaves the police force. As he uncovers the truth of who Dornberger really was, the trail leads on a heart-pounding journey through Nazi-occupied France in World War II, the German death camps, foreign coup d’etats, lethal Cold War espionage, the JFK assassination, and revolution in central America.

One of Hayes’ suspects turns out to be a concentration camp refugee, Hannah Kanermann, whose mother and brother were brutalized by Dornberger during the war. When Hannah discovers that the CIA helped Dornberger escape prosecution for war crimes and arranged for his safe passage to the U.S., she turns the tables on Dornberger, his Nazi cronies, and their CIA protectors.

About the Author

Timothy Fleming’s life experience was written into Murder of an American Nazi. Born in the early 1950s, raised during the tumultuous 1960s, and drafted into the U.S. Army in 1972, he has lived through many of the events surrounding the subject matter contained in this book. Jesuit-educated in his hometown of St. Louis, he is quite familiar with the happenstances and plights of the St. Louis based characters in his story. He has also spent a lifetime researching the CIA’s impact on post-World War II America. Fleming and his wife, Gail, live in the small town of O’Fallon, in southwestern Illinois.