My Nanny Comes Today

Author Ginny Thurber brings to you a book that helps children learn what it means to have a new nanny. Charmingly illustrated with a rhythmic style of writing, Thurber’s book is a fun yet practical tool for parents and caregivers alike. This story presents an entertaining and realistic portrayal of the worries a child faces when meeting a new authority figure. The narrator wonders whether the nanny will want to play the games that she likes, and if the nanny will make her eat food she does not like or change her nap time habits. Ginny makes it easy for young children to anticipate the words and follow along. Furthermore, she emphasizes the safety and comfort that the child finds in her home and her mother – in the end the comfy, singsong feeling conveys the child’s acceptance of the new nanny and the anticipation of her return.

About the Author

Author Ginny Thurber was born and raised in a small farming town in southern Idaho. Her formal education took place at the University at Little Rock, Arkansas where she discovered her love for writing. She later enrolled in The Institute for Children’s Literature and began writing children’s books and articles. Ginny has two daughters and five grandchildren. She works with children’s ministries and is a professional nanny. Ginny resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her puppy, Snickers.