No Victory, No Sting

“Against a backdrop of dusty battle near the 38th Parallel in Korea, Dick Sayers creates a tale of human passions and adventure in “No Victory, No Sting.” Characters like the ever-optimistic Scotty and the unstable narrator, Tom, struggle with their own expectations, disappointments and insecurities, questioning their own philosophies of life as Washington uses them as pawns in a war with no end – a stalemate.

Despite their courageous efforts at engaging the enemy, the men fight the ever-increasing feeling of being “a rat trapped in a bunker.” They court death, defy it and finally have to face it in what was “the first and last protracted trench warfare since World War I.”

But interwoven throughout all the dark clamor of war are the silver threads of human emotion, camaraderie, loyalty, friendship and courage, “bright spots in an ugly picture of war and life,” until the characters arrive at a place where they can actually see the value of life and the joy and fulfillment of a victory over death.”Judy Kahler
Editor & Publisher, Senior Times Magazine

“Dick Sayers expresses battlefield emotions, philosophy, esprit d’ corps and ’the Will to Win’ of  ‘The Queen of Battle’ as seen through the eyes of a combat infantryman.”

General James A. Van Fleet
Commander, United Nations Forces

“Not since All Quiet on the Western Front has a novelist captured the realism – the brutality and beauty, the loneliness and love, the courage and tenderness – of combat infantrymen embroiled in a long, static trench war. No Victory, No Sting is a superbly written, intensely human novel rich in pathos, irony and brilliant touches of humor, delicately handled. It’s an absorbing, eminently readable book, true to life and true to history. Dick Sayers is a master of dialogue and understatement.”

Dick Adams
National President, Korean War Veterans Association

About the Author

Dick Sayers is an award-winning journalist with the Claudia Ross Memorial Award and numerous others to his credit.  Mr. Sayers is a decorated veteran of World War II and the Korean War, a former county commissioner, and a former public relations director in the public sector. He lives with his family in Cape Coral, Florida.