Patterns of Change

This is a story of environmental concerns, mired in the corruption, politics and race of present-day South Africa. It involves two unlikely protagonists: Paul Fairfax is a disillusioned environmental scientist, while Asha is a singer, unsure of her career and choices in life. They meet fortuitously, and both realize that in the other there may be the spark they are looking for to change their lives. Consequently, when Asha’s domineering manager tries to rape her, she turns to Paul for comfort and direction. However, when he investigates a dubious development in an estuary, he is swept away by a flash flood while rescuing three men and a dog. Asha is devastated, and while she hopes that Paul has somehow survived the flood, she has to rebuild her new life.

About the Author

Dr. Eckart Schumann qualified as a physical oceanographer, and has spent the last thirty years investigating the dynamics of the oceans and estuaries around South Africa, with time also spent in the USA and Australia. His work engendered a love for the natural environment, and to question the relationship that people have with that environment.

He has retired from the local university in Port Elizabeth, but still continues with consulting work in his field. He serves on several environmental NGO’s and Trusts, and for recreation plays tennis and golf, and runs the occasional marathon and ultra-marathon.