Peppi the Polo Pony By Doreen Slinkard

This new children’s classic will steal your heart. Peppi the Polo Pony was born at Wicky Wacky Farm, bred to  be a racehorse. He was considered an ugly duckling, but the children didn’t care what Peppi looked like, they all just loved him for himself.

Since Peppi wasn’t up to racing, the children’s dad, Wally, was ready to sell him to a mean, grumpy man. But then Aunty Jane saved the day! She lived next door on her own horse farm and suggested that  Peppi  might  make a  polo pony. The children were  delighted  with  that,  as  they  would  be  able  to  visit  him.

The polo horses at Aunty Jane and Uncle Mark’s were all so very beautiful that they looked down on Peppi. Aunty Jane took Peppi to try out for the polo team and he played as hard as he could, but wasn’t succeeding. Then Wilby, their pet kangaroo, met Peppi and began to teach the pony everything he could about polo.

One day a prince came to play polo at the Royal Show and wanted a horse from Uncle Mark’s  team,  as he knew they  had  some  of  the  best  horses  in  the  land.

Surprisingly, the prince chose Peppi! In the last seconds of the game, with the score tied, read how Peppi became a hero. Now all the other horses respect the polo pony with heart.